Importance Of Tooth Ache Cure


Tooth ache is a pain in and around the teeth. It may affect anyone and is caused by cavity which is caused by bacteria that remain in the mouth due to sweet, sugary and starchy foods. This normally happens when teeth are not cleansed properly. Tooth ache may also be caused by abscessed tooth, infected gums and damaged fillings. In this discussion we are going to look at the remedies of tooth ache cure. There are a number of natural remedies some of which include the following: One of the remedy is the salt and water rinse. These is usually achieved by mixing salt and water. Salt being a natural disinfectant it helps in loosening the food particles which reduces inflammation of the gums and helps in healing of the wounds. Another form of a natural remedy for a toothache is applying a cold press which is the use of ice cubes which relieves pain, reduces inflammation and swelling.

Tooth ache can also be cured by the use of peppermint which numbs the pain which is normally associated with tooth ache. Peppermint helps in soothing the sensitive gums which are quite a nightmare because you cannot be able to chew your food properly. Hydrogen peroxide solution may be used. This solution reduces plaque and heals bleeding gums which may later result to teeth being weak and falling out eventually. Another natural remedy is the use of garlic which is a known germ killer. For the teeth it kills bacteria that cause dental plaque and act as a pain reliever for the teeth. The pain that is from a tooth ache may cause the head to ache because parts of the body are interlinked. Clove may also be used which is a natural antiseptic. It is used by rubbing a piece of clove against the tooth that is aching and instant relief is achieved.

Wheat grass may be used which is known for its countless healing properties. It relieves pain through its high chlorophyll nature it helps to fight bacteria that is present on the tooth. It also helps in preventing infections which may spread from one tooth to another. This may cause several teeth to ache. There is also the thyme which is a powerful herb that numbs pain, an antibacterial in your mouth and prevents further infections. In conclusion tooth aches can be such a nuisance and painful so if the symptoms persists it is deemed necessary to consult a dentist, who may advise on the way forward.

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